Sandra, Thank you again for all of your help! Alexander is breastfeeding so much better. It's like night and day. I can certainly see that your profession is your passion and you are amazing at it :) Thank you! 
Naheema, Long Beach, CA
I had my daughter Avery on January 17, 2012.  While I still pregnant,
I made the decision that I would breastfeed her exclusively.  I had
done a lot of reading about breastfeeding and thought I was well
prepared.  I assumed that it would be a natural experience that would
go smoothly.  While I was still in the hospital, I had many nurses and
lactation consultants giving me advice and assistance, but Avery would
not latch on.  I started to feel extremely disheartened that it was
such a challenge for Avery and I.  The toughest part was realizing
that it was not only work for me, but also required work on Avery's
part.  That was a tough realization, that my newborn daughter had to
work to eat, rather than just enjoy an easy bottle feeding.  I was
determined to make it work though, because of all the amazing benefits
I knew breastfeeding would provide for Avery and I.  After a short
time at home and still having difficulty, I researched home visiting
lactation consultants and discovered Sandra.  She was incredible!  The
most important gift I received from Sandra was encouragement.  Because
breastfeeding was so difficult and would have been so easy to give up
on, getting the encouragement from Sandra kept me from quitting.  She
provided me with some amazing tools and advice to help our feedings to
go more smoothly and more pain-free.  Having Sandra in my home was
also so important to me, so that she could help me in my own
environment.  Sandra has continued to check in with me and offer me
words of encouragement.  Hands down, breastfeeding has been the
biggest challenge of my life, but I am so thankful there are people
like Sandra who have dedicated their time and effort to helping moms
like me
Rachel Vilanto helped with breastfeeding-Rachel , Huntington Beach, CA
               "I thought breastfeeding would be hard but that I would catch on pretty easily. At 3 weeks old, I knew that my new born was eating enough but that was all I knew. I felt lost and confused. I knew something wasn't right. I decided to call a specialist to help guide me so I could be confident in my body and breastfeeding. And that's what I got. Sandra helped me in more ways than I thought possible. She was personable and had a confidence that was reassuring. She was so educated and helpful and taught me in a way that made me feel empowered in my body and breastfeeding. When she left I felt comfortable and relieved. she followed up with a phone call and classes during the week; which were also very helpful! I have a new excitement for breastfeeding that I got from Sandra."
phoenix helped with breastfeeding                            -Tessa, Long Beach, CA
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