Children Are....
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Children are so innocent, so open to ideas. 
Filled with ambitions until we teach them fear.
They don’t know fail or the meaning of lost. 
They want what they see no matter the cost.
Children live what they believe and believe what they hear.
apollo14Happiness they learn through smiles, sadness through our tears.
They posses self esteem and believe in their dreams, 
But there is no guarantee that child will see eighteen.
One out of ten is born alone.
One is born with a rare disease. 
One was born addicted to cocaine.
One was shot on his way to the store.
One made eighteen, but he saw that day in jail, 
One made eighteen and he made good grades in school,
This one was not left alone but embraced day to day.
He was taught to give love so he would get some in return.
It’s not up to a child what his future would be.
I’m not talking about clothes or material gain. 
But we must teach our children to believe In themselves
Children are the future so stand up and fight!

                                             Inside Out (a spirits point of view)    
         You have never seen me before. 
 Yet, you have known me all of your life. 
I am closer to you, than your mother, your husband, or your wife.
 I felt it was time to come to you.
For the day is very near.
When your time will end and mine will begin,
But see you must not fear.
You are a part of a master plan and without you I could not be.
You are the house where I reside, the vessel that carries me.
See in order to come to the earth, God gave me a brand new suit.
Like that of armor yet made of flesh, a map and a bag of tools.
 Sent to earth to serve my king by assisting others through the storm.
Yet I could not reside on earth in my natural form.
So in wisdom God created you, which is really me in the flesh.
So who would be better qualified to tell you things are a mess.
You feed yourselves three times a day with anything you please.
Causing my body aches and pains and even some disease.
Me, I’m almost weak from hunger for hamburgers don’t nourish me.
I need to hear the words of God for that encourages me.
Without his word I cannot hear.
It is so smoky from pollution I cannot see.
Your burdens I carry on my shoulders,
because you have not been on your knees.
 It is impossible for me to do my job, In the condition that we are in.
For you have allowed satan to deceive us and choke us up with sin.
But Now it is time to get serious.
For the day is drawing near.
When Gabriel will blow his horn and my Savior will appear.
I anxiously await that day! And I know that you do to.
 But I am hoping that before that day
All of my work is trough.

A smile is an expression it’s an outward confession
Of the God you have inside
See it’s a way you can let everyone know
That even in the rain even in the snow
Jesus is always there to share
The situation the contemplation the decision-making
Through all of Satan’s temptations
He will stand in your representation
And attempt to use your reputation
With admiration and personification
So the Lord will without hesitation
Send mercy your way
Today not tomorrow don’t sorrow
Don’t be a bore don’t get sore
Don’t let the devil get you down
He’s a clown don’t frown keep a smile on your face
We’ll win the race we beat the case
Don’t get tired get inspired
Take a stand make demands
Fight for what’s right not what’s in sight
Keep that smile one more mile
Marching on till the dawn
Don’t faint, fight, the victory is history
No appeals no deals the devil lost and that’s that
So why go around with a frown
Letting a clown get you down
He lost you’re the boss
It’s up to you what you want to do
Don’t be a sinner be a winner
Stand proud, proclaim out loud with out mistake

Satan is a fake.
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