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Working in the Hospital

Hello everyone time for an update. I am still doing home visits for one on one help with breastfeeding all over long beach and surrounding areas. I still teach BSN students mostly from West Coast University. I am also the full time Lactation Consultant for Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, Interestingly I am the only Lactation Consultant we have and we deliver about 300 babies a month. So needless to say I am really busy. I am constantly studying because the field of Lactation is growing at a very rapid rate and research is finding new information every day.

Heading for year 3

Hello everyone It is soo good to talk with you! So much has happened since I last blogged. I must let you all know right away that you my readers have really become a major influence in my journey. Your support and encouragement is truly inspiring! When I get weary or a little unsure I can read your comments and once a gain know I am on the right path and people are watching and taking this journey with me. Thank You, please know that each and every comment is read and appreciated. 

Well, we qualified for free business consulting from the Chamber of Commerce.

Where are we now?

bfspc green blouseHello Everybody! I know It's been a while but from now on I'm gonna promise to blog more often. I haven't blogged since December so let me try to bring you up to date. We now have our Business License, DBA, Malpractice Insurance, National Provider ID# and Superbills, EIN# and Articles of Corporation. We have 3 members on our official Board of Directors. We are members of the USLCA and ILCA. We are currently participating with ZERO to 3 in a cross sector Provider Training here in Long Beach.


Hay Everybody sorry I haven't bloged in a while but we have been soo busy. It became clear right away that a small private practice is gonna be too hard without some funding, so we have decided to become a non-profit organization. I have been choosing my board members, and finalizing our Mission Statement, our Core Values and Guiding Principles, which is really hard to do! We have a meeting coming in January to get that ball running. The Lord has blessed me to have wonderful friends who know a lot about non-profits, and I'm so greatful cause I know breastfeeding but becoming a non-profit is out of my scope.

I'm scratching my head Ya'll

Well today I feel complexed. I'm dealing with the parts of building a business I do not know anything about. Do I want to be come a for profit business or do I become a non-profit corporation. Either way we can make money but if we are a for- profit corporation I will have a lot more of the responsibility and liability on me. Also if I go for profit now I will not be able to change it easily later. If I decide to become a non- profit corporation then I'm looking at around $3,000 an a lot of work building a board of directors and bylaws and all that stuff. Then there will be a whole bunch of politics and other peoples opinions. But I will be able to get grants and tax breaks. I just wanna be a small private practice. This part is confusing. Whew! I'm scratching my head y'all.  If you could see my room we have big posted notes all over the walls we been brain storming and working to get this business going. So say a prayer for us. If you know any pregnant people give the my number. If you know anything about business and can offer me some advice please call me.  Thanks for Visiting!

Over 1000 hits

breastfeedingspecialistI'm excited to report we have over 1000 hits on our website. Over half of the people who went to our website looked around. We also have 8 clicks on our ad words campaign. We got our business license approved Yeah! According to the City of Long Beach they have never licensed a private lactation Consultant before. It took some explaining. Most people don't know what a IBCLC is, so the number 1 question is always.What did you say you do?
Our Raffle is rolling so make sure to get your tickets only 42 more days to go.

week 3

the Breastfeeding SpecialistWell week three has come and gone.
This was a good week. We have been really busy getting things together and making contacts. We have been selling raffle tickets to buy equipment so don't miss out a hundred dollars will come in really handy at the begginning of the new year. By the way we changed the date for the raffle to January 16th 2012 because that is the day of our grand opening.  We had our first prenatal class which was very successful. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a blast.  We filled up our glass case in our office with Logo items for sale like tote bags and t-shirts.

Week 2

Breastfeeding Specialist LogoWell this week we moved into our office. We also created our new  logo with Terry's help of course.  We ordered new cards and started passing out flyers. We also linked up withFacebook and Twitterand began our blog.So far we have over 500 hits.
Our Raffle is going well so make sure to lock in your tickets now! It only cost $1.00 and you have three ways to win!  You can mail in your dollars or stop by the office, we would love to see you!
I have been walking the neighborhood introducing myself to local residents and businesses letting them know that we here.

Getting Started

When I woke up the morning of October 28th, like every morning I Timmy wakes me to a kiss and says gimmy money I gotta go and Tyrece is in the shower. I got up gave him money and a hug and closed the door. I went straight to the computer and logged into the IBCLE website. I put in the number on the letter they sent and I sat there for a moment as my brain came to clarity on the blue little P next to my number. I screamed I passed! I passed! I resisted running down the street to catch my son.

Thank You!

When I had my first baby I automatically breastfeed. Since my sister had breastfed I just did it naturally without hesitation. With the second baby since she had Jaundice and I didn't know any better I only formula fed. The difference in immunity was so obvious that when I had the third baby I automatically went back to breastfeeding.  While attending a breastfeeding class at my local WIC office, I was offered a job working partime to help encourage other mothers to breastfeed.
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