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Preventing Sore nipples
10 Points of Positioning
Undeterred The Story of Carlette Edwards
Shirley Morales Copenhagen 1973
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Preventing Sore nipples

What is normal nipple pain?
Normal is, not painful on day one, a little soreness on day two, with no cracking or bruising, pain beginning to subside by day three.
Severe pain with latch, cracking or bruising on day 1 maybe a sign of a problem. Quickly identifying what is causing the problem is crucial to reducing pain, preventing bruising and cracking, as well as improving milk transfer. Think about it, if latch is painful on day one, it will only get worse by day two.
(Bleeding not associated with cracking that comes from inside both breast while pumping or breastfeeding in the first few days is considered normal and the milk is safe for the baby to drink).

10 Points of Positioning

When you talk about positioning there are actually a lot of things to consider. I always say positions are a guide you have to tweak a position to make it work for yourself rather than trying to perfectly mimic a position that you saw someone else do or that you read in a book or something you saw on the Internet. It's very important that you actually tweak the position to work for you specifically you and your baby. People have often said to me " oh the cradle is my favorite position or the cross cradle or football is my favorite position".

Undeterred The Story of Carlette Edwards

While working on her Master’s degree Carlette Edwards was diagnosed with breast cancer. At this time she only had 5 classes to go and a red headed two year old son Christian. In bed one night her husband accidentally brushed against her left breast and she felt pain. Since she had heard there is no pain with cancer she thought it was an aggravated hair follicle. Unfortunately it was actually a pea size lump. 5 months later she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. 1st round of treatment was a mastectomy and 2 months of chemo therapy and radiation.

Shirley Morales Copenhagen 1973

Shirley Morales who used a blue bicycle horn manual breast pump in Copenhagen in 1973 and such got such a surplus of milk that she sold it to the Childrens Hospital for premature and sick infants. A Milkman who come 4 mornings a week and pick up the milk. She would sell the milk in 1/2 liter bottles and she was paid $2.50 per bottle. Now Human milk is sold in milk banks all over the world for $3.85 per ounce.

Its mothers like Shirley who set the pace for the future of Human Milk Banking

Nipple Shield Dependant

When using or recommending the use of a nipple shield, it is important to remember not become too dependent on the shield. A nipple shield is a wonderful tool for a mother when she is experiencing difficulties with Breastfeeding. However, it was always intended for temporary or occasional use. It is not a permanent solution. The long term use of a nipple shield will not only reduce your milk supply, and reduce milk transfer during nursing, but it can mask the true problem, create the need for supplementation and lead to premature weaning.


I have been noticing that severalcases of thrush (Candida) are going undiagnosed. I truly believe that this isaffecting the success and duration of breastfeeding for many mothers. Because the symptoms can so easily go without being recognized, they are often misjudged as some other problem or mistaken as a normal part of a different issue. Even when it is noticed, some feel it is common and harmless so they just let it run it's course. Other people clean the infant’s mouth with a solution like hydrogen peroxide, baking soda or thieves’ oil so it looks better.

The Un-Cuttable Frenulum

The Un-cut-able frenulum
A shortfrenulum or a tied tongue can present true challenges for a nursing mother;sore nipples, low milk supply, a fussy gassy baby and even mastitis. Somefrenulum’s can be so short that they are immediately noticeable almost at birth.The tongue never really comes out past the lips and it curves into a U or Vshape whenever the infant cries. For this family the answer is obvious, thedoctor says “this infant needs a frenotomy.” A very simple procedure where thefrenulum is clipped to give the tongue more mobility.

Let the Experts Do What the Experts Do

Write your 
 Be an advocate for your own healthcare. Be an educated informed participant in all areas related to the health and welfare of you and your baby. Be an active key decision maker, but don’t diagnose yourself or your baby. Self-assessment can be dangerous. Collect the facts open-mindedly. Don’t look for something that’s not there. Ask questions and do your research. Narrow down possibilities using obvious facts, not what ifs. Then take all the information to an expert. Don’t take remedies you find on the internet, always seek a doctor’s advice.

It takes a few days to get sore nipples….

Write your post her
Before leaving the hospital most moms will get help from a Lactation Consultant or a Nurse to latch the baby on. Often times when I talk to a mom the same day she has her baby or even the next day she will say “the baby is latching on and were doing fine”.  But, by the time she gets home from the hospital things begin to change. Now her nipples are sore and her baby is not getting full. Translated, this means that she is in pain and not getting sleep, her baby is fussy and gassy and continues to seem hungry after breastfeeding.

Every time I put my baby down he wakes right back up and wants to eat again…….

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Lactation consultant
      This a very common concern I hear from mothers. When they breastfeed their infant he seems to be done eating and he falls asleep. They burp him and put him down and he wakes right back up and wants to eat again.This can be very frustrating for parents, it makes a mother feel as if she does not have enough milk and it makes it difficult to get rest. I have found in my work with mothers that for an infant breastfeeding can be a lot of work.
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